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March 12, 2008



Wow! That chair looks absolutely amazing.


That look amazing! Thanks for sharing!


It looks gorgeous! I wish I could do that. You are awesome!


I have dining chairs that I need to redo, so I am looking forward to your essay!

How do you choose fabric for your projects? just go with what you like? go with what enhances the piece? or do you try to match where you are putting the piece?

Chris G.

Wow, I am looking forward to your essay. I have a love seat that really needs to be recovered. I know I can do the cushions but I am not so sure about the frame. I hope I can learn something from you.


wow! I'm enjoying all the furniture you are re-doing! I like this one the best so far!

FYI: be aware of bed bugs in the furniture...my brothers friend is an exterminator and he said they can be found on many 2nd hand items. Look close...if you see little drops of what appears to blood...stay away! oh gosh I hope I did not freak you out! they like to hide in the seams.


That is really GREAT looking! Nice work :)

SilverLining Designs


Michele C

The Black Veronique is tres magnifique! I hope I spelled that right! That is a fantastic job. I'm so glad I found your blog and store. -- Michele


That chair is just gorgeous! Congratulations on a beautiful piece!



WOWZA! Why can't I ever find great chairs to recover like that! Awesome job!


I have a very similar chair that's in desperate need of recovering (although I paid $15 for mine!!) You're motivating me to get something done!!!! I don't know if I'll be able to attempt it as a diy. Your chair is GORGEOUS!!!!! It's fantastic really!! very chic!


I love this chair, I am going to need to start checking out the furniture in Goodwill, I absolutely love what you did to this chair! I can't wait to find a chair like this, and I will buy up some of this fabric!


how do you do it? seriously, do you ever sleep?

Well i love it, along with everything else on your blog; been a fan and customer at your store and just love love love your willingness to share all you're doing.


AWESOME! I actually went to our Goodwill, thanks to you, but ours is expensive! THey wanted $30 for chairs. What's up with that?!?!

This chair is the best yet, in my opinion!!!


This is just so awesome... you did a great job... fantastic...

Your are truly an inspiration to me... We have a couple furniture who need a little bit makeover...

Greetings from Germany



WOW! What an amazing transformation. I'm quite impressed and inspired. I have a chair that's been sitting in my house for years that I keep saying i'm going to attempt to redo...now maybe I really will!




Have I mentioned recently that you are a GENIUS?!!!!! That looks incredible. What an eye you have.


Holy Mother Mary. Yes, that was exactly what came out of my mouth when I saw the transformation.

Can't wait for you to cough up your process.

You're talented.

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