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May 23, 2008


cindy k

oh, i LOVE this idea and agree that there are so many options. a headboard for a bed would be cool. i like the look of wallpaper, but removing it is just - ugh!

thanks for sharing!


i did this about 6 years ago--it was a fun project.


When I was growing up my bedroom had the flat sheet pasted to the wall of the room instead of wallpaper or paint. It was really a nice and bright room.


Hmm that seems a bit much with the fabric in the picture but it is a nice idea.


Wow, what a fun idea!!


I love this idea! I was going to paint some birds on my daughters' bedroom wall, but now I think I will cut them out of fabric and put them up this way!!

Renovation Therapy/I Love Upstate

My best friend's Mother had a huge business in the 1980's of covering walls with fabric. She used to putting batting behind it and it looked...puffy. I never liked it, kinda reminded me of a padded cell. BUT...I love this idea where the fabric is flat and not...puffy.

I'm tempted to do the inside panels of a door...

Jennifer Paganellli

You are so full of inspiration over here!!! Thankks so much for keeping your readers well versed in the art of design...You make it so fun..It was so terrific meeting you and getting to know you..thanks so much for carrying Bell Bottoms..It's such a treat for me. Jennifer

sandi zeiger

Can you use fabric starched on walls in a tropical environment? I am talking high humidity but moderate temperatures..... Would this work on concrete walls?


I'd like to also know if it would work on concrete. I'm cleaning/rearranging my (unfinished) basement sewing space, and have some large yardage, sheets, etc that I'd like to put up on the walls to make it look prettier. Has anyone tried this???


Wow, that's so pretty.

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