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June 03, 2008



I don't complain because life creeps up on me, too.

I cannot look at anything scrapbook. Nothing. My life is already filled with tons of time sucking hobbies. I do not need another.

Have a great day!


be careful, digital scrapbooking can be very addicting. it's really amazing to see how many websites out there are dedicated to digi-scrapping. :-)

Jessica Jones

I was on vacation, but now Im back. :)


check out howfasttheygrow.com for some really beautiful (yet expensive) digital scrapbooking or for a nicer version of the "shutterfly style" book go to picaboo.com.

j. caroline

Thanks for the links. I figured there are a ton of such sites out there, I was just slow to discover them! The picaboo albums look really nice.


I anxiously clicked your sale link only to be routed to Anna Maria's blog. I can't believe I'm going to have to get to your sale page the old fashioned way! he he!

j. caroline

Oops. Thanks for the comment- I don't mean to sell Anna Maria, and certainly not at a discount. Correcting as we speak...


Mz Caroline, you've been presented with a creativity award. Check out my blog for details! ;)


Just popping in to say hello. I see you have not lost your humor while Spring Cleaning.

Margaret Kenney

I read your blog every week and get bummed when you don't post. My friends all read it too. Keep posting!

Renovation Therapy/I Love Upstate

I am a huge fan of your blog but am bad about commenting. As my nephew would say...you got mad skillz.

I joined your Flickr pool and submitted 2 pics (before & after) so I hope that's OK. Wasn't sure if you were looking for specific fabrics or just general "look what I dids". ;)

j. caroline

So glad you added your before & after! I'm not after a particular fabric- just want to see someone else's "mad skillz". You definitely helped that wicker settee- those fabrics suit it much better than the beige suede. You can see I Love Upstate's work in my Furniture DIY flickr pool:


I am a regular reader of your blog too, so am glad to see you are still posting. The days can get away from us quickly, especially now that we have some nice weather to enjoy. I often feel no one is reading my blog either, but I try to keep posting in hopes that someone will comment, or at least enjoy reading it! Life in Blog Land can be lonely when no one comments!

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