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June 30, 2008


Grandma G

What an awesome bike trailer! But the contents are even better... what a precious photo! (Are those Crocs she has on her feet, by any chance? Don't tell Jess!)

Hey, the tablecloth is pretty nice, too. ;-)



Happy Birthday Olivia.


Happy birthday Olivia! You bring joy and smiles to people you haven't even met as your Mom shares your adventures with us.


Sweet! My mom made the dresses AND the cakes, too, and I am a twin. Really, I don't have a clue how she kept it together.

You daughter is adorable. I am having baby envy.


What an adorable birthday girl. We have a bike trailer, and it can fit 2, ya know?

BTW, I miss you Caroline. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Houston, as I'm sure I'll need a really good laugh by then.


Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!! I'm glad you've been practicing your "terribles" so you can just jump right in!

Now I will have the Benny Hill theme song going through my head all night. Yakity Sax!


Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia.

My mum always made the cakes too .. I always purchase them. One less thing to do leading up to the big day.


Happy Birthday!!!! Welcome to the world of parenting a terrible two, too. :-) As if you weren't already there.

Mary Ann/ca

I love Bennie Hill, there is some about just plain funny, silly and oft times inappropriate. A bit to over the top for your favorite girl but someday she'll appreciate them too! Happy Birthday Olivia!


Happy Birthday Sweet Olivia!

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