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June 24, 2008



I totally agree with you! One thing that drives me nuts is when Oprah does makeovers and calls $150 jeans affordable. TO WHO?! I think $60 jeans is a lot of money and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. I think sometimes retailers, media, marketing, whoever, lose touch with REAL people. Just my 2 cents. :)


Dear Caroline, I'm pretty sure, since you mentioned Domino about 10 times in your blog entry, that their "people" will find this entry and put you on the list for "most likely never to appear in Domino." Start a revolution, sister! Fabric that truly is for the rest of us!

Wait a minute, I think your name is on some fabric like that already...

I salute you!


hear hear! I hope Domino *does* find this and realize what they're saying. (And I totally agree with only buying magazines in airports too -- even when I've already got two books and my knitting in my bag.)


I wholeheartedly agree. I haven't actually seen the article but I notice in the image you posted that they are using the fabric only for projects that require small cuts of fabric, like pillows!

Reminds me of the latest issue of Vogue, which features the best apparel/accessory buys under $500 to help "us" get through the economic recession. Instead of being put off, I just had to laugh!


Yay, I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that. I love a lot of the articles in Domino but I realized when it came time to renew that reading it always left me feeling poor. So now I get inspiration from blogs such as yours! Thanks!

daisy janie

I was and am nodding along with you. I read that a few weeks ago, and it seriously made me rethink what the heck I'm doing. Holly at decor8 was kind enough to post on her blog as well as the Real Simple blog about a bunch of independent textile designers whose fabrics are fully accessible to the (hopefully) masses who want to buy them - I was glad to be amongst them. She picked quite a few with a more affordable range.




I subscribed to Domino about 2 months ago. And this disconnect with "average" jumped out at me, too. I love the looks, furniture and fabrics I see in the magazine. But my husband and cats would have to move out and live in the backyard, if I scrimped and saved to pay $135 a yard to recover the couch.

Karen H

I agree with you! If I'm going to spend $135 on a yard of fabric, than I must also be able to afford a maid, chef, driver, etc.

j. caroline

Daisy Janie- Yes, I saw Holly's post on independent textile designers and was pleased to be listed as a resource. But isn't it interesting that the list doesn't make it to print? Do affordable resources make the advertisers mad?

Glad I'm not the only one...I love stirring things up.


Very true! I am also gunning for "most awesome ever" so maybe they can dual feature of us? hee hee

Holly Becker

Hi ladies! Thank you for the encouraging words about my fabrics finds on decor8 and Real Simple. It's so nice to know that, like me, you are looking for affordable alternatives to the $189/yard stuff out there.

Good News! I have a slide show coming up soon on Dominomag.com featuring indie fabric designers on Etsy.

Holly :)

j. caroline

Totally busted! Thanks for the comment, Holly. Can't wait to see your piece on indie fabric designers.

But seriously, why do design mags such as this totally ignore the affordable mass-produced stuff? I agree, there is a lot of mass-produced fabric that is U.G.L.Y. But, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry, Tina Givens, Valori Wells, Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson and Jessica Jones (my own personal bias there) are all indie designers who created some great fabrics that were mass-produced and are VERY affordable. Like home dec weight at$15/yard affordable. Would love to see you work in a mention of those folks in a piece. I'd even score you some fabric!


I agree. I love Domino magazine but the prices are NOT for everyone. There is a lot more affordable, great stuff out there for the rest of us!!!


Amen to that!!

I also love Domino. But for me (a "regular person") its is more for ideas and inspiration than pieces I could actually ever buy.


Excellent post! Your articulate writing style, wit and honesty obviously hit home with all of us "regular people"! :-)


Obviously Domino SHOULD be reading your blog! Glad to see I'm not the only one questioning their interpretation of the word "affordable".

Jessica Jones

I saw that Domino article awhile back and got excited at the headline, then snorted audibly when my eyes landed on the prices. Designers, charge whatever you like! But Domino, unless scornful snorts are the response you're trying to elicit from your readers, please attempt to be more realistic. (I just wrote that to the Domino intern whose job it is to sift through all the google alerts to find posts about Domino. Hello, Domino intern.)

Caroline, let's make some more fabric. :)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was reading that article in my mag and turned to my husband and said, look, fabrics for the rest of us who make 6 figure salaries! I mean come on Domino, I have clients who won't pay that much a yard and they really do have millions and can afford to have a $6,000 couch that people actually sit on.
So wake up Domino! Realize that it may be cheap in NYC or to your high end designer consultants, but for most of the rest of the US, it isn't.

j. caroline

Jessica- making fabric is a grand idea! But, unfortunately, unless we can bribe that Domino intern, I don't think it's going to be featured in their mag.;)

Jessica Jones

Maybe if we charge $92 a yard we'll have a better shot.

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