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June 24, 2008



I thought the same thing when I read that article. I tried really hard to give them the benefit of the doubt on the "they're not to-the-trade only" point. But then they call the designers "revolutionaries," and I stopped trying. Incredibly talented, yes. Radical, paradigm-shifting? Ummm? No.


Caroline, I love your remake of Goodwill pieces!! In my humble opinion the "creative" part is way ahead of the price when redoing furniture for fun. What makes those pillows and chairs anymore beautiful or functional at $135.00 a yard?


HA...so true are the words that you wrote! $135 a yard...who are they kidding...and with kids...no way!

Heather from MoreyGirl

That is a great post! I laughed all the way through it:) I had just made a tote out of Anna Maria's fabric that I bought from you, when someone asked me what the fabric sells for. I think she was shocked at the $14 but she also buys all of her fabric from

Renovation Therapy

Yeah...Domino is trying to stretch...a bit too much. I'm all for "aspirational" but give me a dose of obtainable too. I liked it when they would show really expensively done rooms and then show you how they "remade" them on the cheap. I miss that feature.


Thank you. Well said.


Holy cow...you could redo an entire room for the cost of one bolt of fabric!


I'll never complain about 15.00 yd fabric again. This is such a funny post!


I'm so happy you wrote this -- I read that piece and thought exactly the same!! rrggg...


I too read this article and thought the EXACT same thing! Not only do most of those fabrics remind me of those that you can buy at IKEA for probably $3-10/ yard, but where's the fun? I work for a magazine that features artists and designers, Anna Maria and Heather Bailey to name a few who pertain to this issue, and our readers can gain a whole lot more from businesses like theirs.... Namely, fabrics that they can afford. Secondly, there's a story and a person behind the fabrics they sell, and I think that is much more important and intriguing than some ritzy overpriced fabric. Perhaps my magazine targets a different demographic; or perhaps Domino should reevaluate what "all of us" really means in the larger scope of things.


I find the same thing with indie designers who charge so much for totes etc they make out of reclaimed fabric and trhen charge upwards of $150....who is the intended average market? does the average income earner earn $1500 a week cause that is what we are looking at for them to afford these things.

But it is the person on $400 a week who ponies up the prices because they fall for the hype that these type of magazines are spinning. You know support the gifted textile designer ands the young indie designer trying to make a buiness in the cutthroat marketplace! I did a blog entry on a similar thing and sparked a lot of debate

and it spun off to another post discussing it with an indie designer that I think I offended that I know....oops!!!!

i agree with one of your commenters that the only way we can afford these fabrics is as a tiny accent piece. Maybe the only good thing about these fabrics is that at that price we will not see them everywhere. I run several groups on flickr and it is frightening how many people have made things out of the designers who have gone mass produced so that is a problem too I think. But that is probably another post for me!


you are so right. this is what frustrates me about so many design mags. readymade used to be a good answer, but i find they've really changed since they were bought by a big company. the rest of us don't have movie star budgets!


uhhh, I just HATE that, and yet, sometimes it breeds the BEST inspiration...
and since my living room already looks like Maria's booth from Portland, I HAVE been toying with the idea of recovering my IKEA sofa (yes, REALLY!) with HER fabrics...much more reasonably priced too ;)


Amen!! Thank you for pointing out what "the rest of us" have been thinking for years! I don't subscribe to Domino (and several others) because they say they have tips for everyone on the cover and then use ridiculously priced items...not for "the rest of us." If I was going to spend $100 per yard of fabric, I would certainly be afraid to cut or sew it!!

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