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July 25, 2008



"Gunched up"? I've never heard anyone but my mother use that term!

Love the playmat! Very happy.


Cute playmat!


I'm due in november! I'll let you know where to send it! haha

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Love this idea...what a great gift!


That is cool fabric for a playmat. Very sweet project! Love the quilting you did along the roadside.


Awwww... Adorable! My son just got one like this for his 3rd birthday and he absolutely loves it (of course it didn't come with the nifty roll up feature). Your recipient will love it!


So cute! Perfect for a play mat and little toy cars!

Janet Newman

Very Clever, Caroline. I confess that I taught you the word gunched-up. Too many times that happens but it won't be noticed in quilting. Love from your mother


Love Love Love! I'm always looking for unique gift ideas and this is certainly going on my list!

Great job!


I Lo0Ove this! I didn't even think this fabric was out yet. Sheesh! I'm sure behind the times, huh? Lovely job!! :O)


Beautiful! Would love to make one just like this for my son, can I ask how many yards you used?


Recipient does indeed love this play mat! I really noticed no flaws, only the love that you put into it, Caroline. Thanks for such a lovely, lovely gift.

dirftwood shack

this is really cute! I'm thinking of making a table cloth one......


I've never seen a playmat like this before... what an awesome idea! And that fabric is just wonderful. Thanks for the tutorial too! :)


That is so cute. I love the dot fabric. I bound my son's dick and jane quilt with it and made a changing pad with it. Awesome mat!

Jennie C.

It's wonderful. I'm SO in love with the Merryville fabric. Beautiful job.


It is absolutely adorable! And a fascinating touch-pattern for a child. I find myself "tracing" your seams with a finger on my desk.


Hi! I just stumbled onto your site. I LOVE IT! And I love that quilt! My son will be 3 in Jan. so he is too old to use this but I want to make one just for the hell of it...it's THAT cool! Do you know of any fabrics that I can use for a baby girl?

Keep up the fantastic work!


sooooo cute!!!


That play mat is gorgeous, will have to hunt myself up some fabric!

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