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August 13, 2008


Meagan L

I just saw an article in an old Guidepost magazine about him and the woman that runs the refuge. How strange. I thought it was so neat because it wasn't to far from me. I am in Fayetteville, AR. Enjoy Arkansas and your vacation! Be careful. He looks mean! haha


i live in arkansas and have all my life! i had no idea that was here!



Is this where I say that's one horney watusi? (I swear there's a 12 year old boy inside me just aching to get out!)


WOW! That guy made me exclaim out loud! Have a good time!


What a Watusi! Glad you are having a good vacation. I have lots to tell when you get back.


Is that for real!?!? That is a crazy amount of hornage!!!


Have a great trip!!!!!

Shelley Detton

Whoa. At first glance that looks like someone got more than a little carried away with Photoshop. Like one of those greeting cards of a little dog with the eyes bulging way out and the forehead shrunken down to the size of a walnut.
How on earth does that poor animal keep his head up?
Happy Vacationing!

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