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August 01, 2008



I love that bag! Did you clip and drop shadow that photo all by your very own self? Nice!

j. caroline

Yes I did, Miss Photoshop. But I don't clip as cleanly as you do. I need a tutorial.


Cute bag. I just zipped over and bought a scrap bag of fabric.!


Love these key fobs. What are the clips you use at the end and how do they go on? So cute.


Wow, those key fobs are adorable. Think I might have to make some!! Thanks for the inspiration. I love looking at your site.


Oh, okay, C. How about a barter: I'll write you a Photoshop tutorial and you can write me a tutorial on how to run a business and do my taxes. Deal?

Karen P.

I just love these key fobs but I have no idea what it is you have used as the harware and where I can purchase it. Also could you give me a slight hint how to make these. I am new to sewing and so want to make some gifts for my older daughters.

Thank you so much.

This is the first time i have been to your site and I just love it.

Karen P.

Duh! I just realized there is a tutorial for this. Yes I am new to this site. You can all stop laughing now. :) However...where does one purchase this hardware. I just love these.

You are amazing


I LOVE the bag! Can I buy it? Tonight I accidentally (happy-accident) found your website & blog. Even though I'm not a sewer, I appreciate yor talent & beautiful pieces!!


These are indeed very happy! Love the ribbons.


Is the pattern for the bag available??
A great bag for my toddler, it looks modern and roomy.
I check out the Inspiration page often for well..inspiration.

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