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September 16, 2008


Carrie S.

Wow - unbelievable. I was thinking about you and am so glad you and your loved ones are okay.


Happy Birthday! Glad you survived the storm.


I really have been glued to the TV and worried about you and your business. Then Sunday we got the aftermath. Tim is now cleaning up the debri on Tuesday!!

So relieved you are okay. Who, beside you (and Johnny Carson) could ever replace the humor needed to complete each day? Get back to work!!!


Yuck to Ike and YEAH to your birthday!!!!


I predict your next birthday will be much better! Glad you escaped damage. We got damaging winds in OH due to Ike. Who would have thunk!


I'm so glad to hear you and your family are well. Let's pray you don't have to go through your second hurricane anytime soon. Way up here in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan we got some flooding from Ike. It rained for 3 days!

A very Happy Belated Birthday to you!


So glad to read you are okay. Happy belated birthday!

Cherri House


I'm Cherri House - Lizzy's Mom, and she told me that you too are in Houston. How wonderful to never have lost power - I still don't have it - a whole week :( What part of town are you in? I live in Humble, but work Downtown.

Hope we can meet at Market, Lizzy has spoken so well of you!

Take care,



So glad to hear you all made it through ok. I live in Ohio & we too were hit with hurricane Ike. Who would of thought I would have to go through a hurricane in Ohio! Our neighborhood looks similar to your from yard. Lots of lost power but PTL only a few fatalities.
I missed my bed after only 1 night. I can't imagine what those who will not have their own beds for days, weeks or months must feel like.

On the upside, Happy Birthday!


So glad to hear you are okay! I can't imagine going through a hurricane. I'm petrified of tornadoes also. We live in the midwest and get lots of storms and tornadoes.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

BTW...I love your shop and your blog and I'm so glad Jess designed the Modern Floral for you. Can't wait to see her new fabric.



Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I'm glad you were spared major damage and everyone is ok. Wow.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

so sorry you had to experience that.......so glad it wasn't worse for you. At least this birthday will be one you won't forget. :)


So glad you and your family are safe. Happy belated birthday! Living in NC we have been through several hurricanes and it is no fun.


I am glad that y'all made it through ok. Hopefully you will get back to normal soon. We didn't get but a steady rain and a little wind up here in Allen.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who lost so much. For those still waiting for their power to come back on, I hope it does soon!


I'm so glad that you are okay and spared from any major damage. Happy birthday, I'm sure it was one you will remember. Next year will be better.


I'm so glad your home survived the hurricane and power outage! It was a scary time around here...



Happy Birthday (belated), glad to hear you did well through the storm. Our home didn't fare so well, but we are all okay...every sound you described and your feelings during the storm were the same thoughts I had! This was also my first serious hurricane. Wondering what part of Houston you are in? We're in Conroe/The Woodlands area-yep, where all those trees are that the hurricane just loved!

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