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October 13, 2008



I really need to come to your Goodwill.


Love the new desk! I especially love the striped print on the inside of the drawers. Very awesome!


It sure seems as though this market is more of a sewing market, rather than quilt market. Is there a sewing type of expo that you go to too? I have to say that my local quilt store is still stuck in the uber traditional fabrics and designs phase. Not that I don't appreciate the techniques and history, but I so wish they would welcome in the new wave of younger peeps who want to create with this stuff (I'm 38 and consider myself as one of the "young").
I talked with my artist friend, Kristin Loffer Theiss, the other day and she brought up your site, too. Good to know you're one of the "go to" websites for good info. :)


That is so cool! Can't wait to see more pictures of your amazing transformations as you are counting down the days!

Made by Cara

What an amazing desk. I just saw it posted about on 'How about Orange' What a work of love!


That desk is awesome! A super inspiring place to work, for sure!

Mindy Said

That is so very pretty! Great job! I love that you found the old letters in it too.


What a great desk...Totally love the colors.


you did a fantastic job on this. so fun and so clever and who wouldn't be happy to sit at that desk. gah!
hope you have a lovely time at the quilt show and i'm glad it's progressing with the makes of all these new artists and designers. i'm sure it's going to be a sea of delight.

Olivia C.



super cool...you must be so pleased!

Heather Bailey

It isn't just a desk of awesomeness. It is THE desk of awesomeness.


Hopefully, if all the stars align, I'll be checking out your booth at Quilt Market.

Jessica Dougherty

wow...fabulous makeover!


So beautiful!!


Wow! That turned out amazing! Wonderful job, love the fabric covered pulls. What a great idea! Thanks for the how-to. I still can't hardly believe that's the same desk, way to bring it back to life!


I love this!

And ANY project that utilizes covered buttons is right up my ally! I'm so hooked on those things...



You did a great job on this desk. I love Jessica's fabrics.


that is such a fantastic makeover! really nice job... I would never have the patience. :)


ka-pow!-- that is fantastic! what a terrific idea, brilliantly executed... bravo!

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