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October 07, 2008



Ugh...why does the quilt market have to fall during Halloween???? I so want to come home and go. Argh!

Jamie AZ



Wow -- fabulous job. I can't wait to see it in person. I bet the original owners had a dog that hung out on the right side.


Completely awesome.


Wow - What an amazing transformation! And your attention to detail -- like making the front of the cushion line up with the bottom of the couch -- is fantastic!


Amazing! Did you do it yourself or get it done? How much fabric did it require?

Mindy Said

Beautiful! I love the fabric and you did a great job!


I'm coming to you next time I need furniture upholstered! I'm tearing my hair out here with my 2 chairs. This looks fantastic!

Did you say ribbons?!? ;)


Gorgeous, love that fabric.

Stephanie Dunphy

I do read Anna's blog. Oh the couch is just gorgeous. The pumpkin piping is just enough without taking away from the main print. You do beautiful work!!! The left side of our couch gets more use than the right because of the position of the couch to the t.v.


Wow! It looks GREAT!!! Way to go, you always do incredible work!!!

daisy janie / scoutie girl

Beautiful fabric. Beautiful re-do. I love seeing how you match up your print each time. The bottom edge of the cushion with the top edge of the sofa face. Oh man is that flawless - you could have a second career!

Best of luck at QM!!!!


I am speechless!!


What a gorgeous couch! I love how this turned out - the pumpkin trim just pops out. Can't wait to see more pictures of it in the booth.


So beautiful! I have a couch in desperate need and I wish I had your skill!

Carrie S.

That is simply gorgeous. I'm in awe of your skills. I have three (four, actually) chairs that need a good redo, you game?

And did you say new ribbons? A little impatient over here!!!!


One of these years I'm gonna crash a quilt market.


great, just great!
i found a beautifully shaped armchair at a yard sale that i would love to recover...now if i only knew where to start!


Ack! It's so pretty I can't look at it very long. The piping looks great. Your ability to make the pattern match in all the right places blows me away.

Anna Maria is a lucky lucky woman. I'll be sure to tell her that at Quilt Market. :)


Stunning, stunning, stunning. Anna Maria was right about the piping.You are one clever girl.

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