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October 02, 2008


Grandma G

It's GREAT, isn't it? So bright and fun! Your designer sure does a terrific job! :-)

The little jumper on your adorable model is so cute, too! I can imagine Courtney in one of those for sure!

And gotta love the Crocs - ha!

I hope you sell tons of the fabric and have to reorder soon! Good luck!!


Wow! I love this fabric...there is just not enough orange in this world! I'm so excited to try it out :)

shauna rogers

Too adorable!! Now if only I could sew!


Ooh I have been waiting for this to come out! And a coupon too! Who could resist! Thank goodness tomorrow is payday!

Cicada studio

That is just such the perfect thing to make! Too adorable- all of it.

daisy janie / scoutie girl

These are just incredible! Love the designs, colors, scale...all of it!


Hooray! It all looks wonderful!!!

ronit/2 hippos

love the fabrics, especially the sunflowers.


I could not love that fabric or that jumper any more than I do. Absolutely adorable!


Love the little jumper -- it would be great for my grand-daughter. What is the pattern? I could use the pattern and some cute fabric. cmc


looks great!


that dress is just about the cutest thing ever!

Stephanie Dunphy

Although the dress is absolutely darling (but the little one wearing it is even cuter) those crocs just make the outfit complete. More gorgeous fabrics from Jessica.


I am so happy this is already out! It's a blast already!
Great fabrics and I wish you the best with them! You deserve it!

Tiff@Three Peas

OOOH I love the orange fabric!!! I wish Payday would hurry up!!!

Yvonne Tillock

Hi Gals: great fabric and colours...I produce home decor items made from linen/linen blend. you can see some on my website,listed above. All photos not yet up loaded to site. i am looking for linen fabric - medium to heavy type in beautiful colours. small quantities. need some leads
keep up the good work....I am also thinking of buying some of your fabric.

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