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January 08, 2009



Some kind of update on what you're working on would be great. I always love to see your work. Also, some kind of "what I love right now" thing about what you've gotten in that you really like.


Janet -

Good afternoon. I would love to see guest blogs from people who have made projects using new fabric collections.

Sarah C

I love to read about the behind the scenes stuff...with your business, how things are made, processes...that sort of thing. While I love looking at all the wonderful things people create I love learning something about the industry/process even more!

Jessica Jones

I don't care what you write about, since every single post is hysterically funny and highly entertaining. My only request is that you post more often. Probably like 6 times a day. If you wouldn't mind.


I'm sitting on two (well, one actually, but the other one is next to me) great wing back chairs which have fugly fabric on them. I SO want to recover them. NOT slipcover. REcover. Don't know how. So I was thinking that maybe you could do a feature called, "the one where I fly to Burlington Wa and personally recover these two wingback chairs for a stranger."

I'd read that post. Probably would even leave a positive comment.


Hmm...while I would most certainly read a post that involved covering a stranger's chairs, I think I would be more interested in how to make a decent slipcover. Especially for an awful, plaid, hand-me-down couch. I wouldn't mind getting more ideas of what to do with some of the new fabrics you're getting in. Or ribbon ideas. I love ribbon, but I have no use for it.

Please enter me in the raffle for pencil shavings. I never win comment-based raffles. I have a good feeling about this one, though. And think of all the projects I could complete if I JUST HAD SOME PENCIL SHAVINGS.


Funny, funny comments. I, too, would like to read about how to cover an ugly plaid couch and wonder what I can do with ribbon (a girl can only use so many key fobs). Mostly, I'm with Jessica, and I want to read MORE. (Love your blog, Jessica!)

j. caroline

Okay, so I should post 8 times a day (great idea Jessica!) and my first post should be about recovering chairs in Burlington Wa. Awesome. Once I receive my ticket, I'll be there!

Must run and make more pencil shavings...

j. caroline

Melanie O

Well, since you asked... I'd love to see shop related posts: new fabric, sales, projects made with fabric from your shop, highlighting projects from your galleries. Also, sharing insider information about what might be coming soon! Also, tutorials are great on the blog, too. So, that's my 2 cents! Thanks for asking!

Leslie L.

what website did you make your christmas card?

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