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January 14, 2009



I do wish more people would give you some ideas to ignore. Ignoring my ideas must be getting pretty old by now. :)

Jessica Jones

Pardon my ignorance, but why do you sell diapers?


I love your adventures in upholstery and would love to learn more about this.

Especially from the stand point of a complete novice who is bravely willing to bite off way more than she can handle when she bought two wingback chairs from a rummage sale with illusions of upholstery grandeur.

j. caroline

We sell diapers for personal reasons I do not like to discuss.

Okay, really, people sew ribbons and fabric on them for burp cloths. They are really cute. You should make some-- for yourself.

Jemellia H.

So, are you going to sell 500 lbs. of nutmeg? I could use some...

Jessica Jones

Thanks for the info, Caroline. Maybe I will make myself some, for my esophageal reflux flare-ups. They could also be useful for my incontinent days, or when I want to eat lobster.


That is great!! I will definitely be looking into your wholesale items. I sure hope you are putting the key fob hardware in that category.

And I really love tutorials on how to do new things. I think everyone loves a new inspiration for their craft hobby or business.

carol eldridge

HI Caroline...Happy New Year. It turns out that loads of folks read our blogs, but do so in private...not leaving a comment so you know that they were there. So, don't take offense or change your m.o. it is just the way of the blog world...many lookers just browsing by with not much to say, sort of like window shopping, you know, you just look in but don't plunk down your money.



Eileen Gianiodis

I think 'bulk' ribbon is awesome. I'm currently resisting the urge to purchase several spools of 25 yarders ... not to worry, I'm not real disciplined. I think it's great. Please let me know if you start carrying purse handles in bulk as I make those. I'll definitely be back for the ribbon for some aprons! Thanks for thinking of the customers! And, how about a visiting tutorial once in a while, you know solicit readers and you decide who comes up with a good tutorial ... just a thought.


Dear Jessica,

Now you're talking! Lobster bibs are the new black. Pass it on.

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