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February 11, 2009



Hey! I DID this!!! Thanks to you, I finally had the motivation to work on a project that's been going on and on in my mind. Yay me! I have no clue if they'll even enter into the contest...I did a sort of home decor, but I entered it into the kid section since mine involved my kids a wee bit. Who knows?

You can take a peek if you're bored...I think this is the right link.


Thanks! I'll let you know if they enter me officially and I'll beg for votes. :)


Ooh...bugging you again, since I only completed this project due to you... They just posted my entry today, so I'm behind in votes and desperately commenting on strangers' blogs. Ha!


Voting ends tomorrow. :)

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I hope next year, there will be an event like this too! thanks!


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I missed this event. Agreed Sam! Hope that there will be an event this year.

Deirdre G

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