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March 16, 2009


 Cicada Studio

*mac user- slightly envious*
At that price, you could buy one for every room. Nice!


I am a mac user as well; and I am jealous!

Grandma G

Wow, what a commercial! ;-)


thank you so much for explaining this ....too cool.


I love Ubuntu. I have it on my desktop and I will never go back to Windows!


Nothing beats a Mac but this is pretty nice. And who could resist that price?! Congrats on your new laptop!


Looks great, from a mac user.
There are rumors that Apple is making a smaller laptop...


Just curious what you loaded it up with ?

I am looking at getting one but with windows. Did you get larger hard drive also.

thanks so much

Picnicking in Dreamland

I'm so glad you posted this, I didn't know about it and it is JUST what I've been wanting. Love the colors, too! Thanks so much!

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