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March 25, 2009



I saw those a few weeks ago, you will have to let me know if you like it after using it a few times.

Grandma G

Oooohh.... I think I may have to search for one of those!

Grandma G

P.S. Help is on the way!


Woa. I need that. I never remember to sharpen my pencils, and my markers are always drying out.


My markers are always drying out. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.


I want one!!!


Did you have any trouble getting the markings off of the fabric?

j. caroline

Silly me- that's important information to leave out! Yes, the marks removed easily with the eraser or rubbing with a slightly damp cloth. The instructions say they also disappear when laundered.


I'm so glad someone already sent you help. Whew!


This is too cool!!! I need one of those!

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