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July 29, 2009



Oh paleeeeeese. You know I love you more than Jessica ... shhh, don't tell her I said that. Jessica if you read this you know I love you more, shhhh, just don't tell anyone. K.

I loved meeting you. You are so amazing and creative and OMG I'm still in shock that I met such fabulous women there.

j. caroline

**Blushing*** Thanks, Tonya!


I'm loving all the recaps as well. It's so fun to see pictures of everyone!


Can I squeal a bit now that I have met you and been linked on your site?

You can add my friendship bracelet to that list. Those cost $.25 for my child labor.


Did you find any free IZZEs? Because I looked. Oh, how I looked! My roommates made it back to the hotel room with some, so I drank theirs while they were off to invite-only parties and I was by myself.

So great meeting you. This post was hilarious. Thank you for your honesty. I feel that because you are transparent, I can trust what you say.


!!!! Just in case the others weren't enough! I loved meeting with you IRL and I sure hope Lowe's lets me back in! I love that store more than most men! :) Thanks for the mention! Oh and my brand new blog address is www.schlosserdesigns.com/blog

Jessica Jones

Tonya, I heard that. :) Ladies, it was such a pleasure to meet all of you! Alma, I did score a free IZZE from something that looked like a garbage can with a lid on it. It contained ice and drinks in cans. The cans were still full, so I figured it was fair game and not actually a recycling bin.


Jessica, I saw that IZZE container, but they were guarding it like hawks... good job scoring some! How I love IZZE both for the taste and the graphics! Yum!

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