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September 21, 2009



That's wonderful! So cute and comfy looking.


OH Caroline! How cute is your little Olivia in my Kyoko and those breathtaking Shade Garden fabrics!?! Talk about the perfect combo!

LOL @ "the woman who interfaces everything"! My mom is the same way! No kidding! One time she made my Lil' Chef pattern and she added so much interfacing to the chef's hat that it was like a solid mass on top of her head... it didn't move at all!

Thanks so much for sharing! LOVE THIS!



Beautiful (both Olivia and Kyoko!). Perfect fabrics for that pattern. You are so right about how difficult it is to just stop and do something creative for a change. Sigh.

Grandma G

Sooooo CUTE! Oh, and the top is, too. ;-)


The top is so cute! I love it even more with the short sleeves!

 Cicada Studio

The whole package: kid, shirt, shoes, ponytail, bow, hippity hop, etc. is ADORABLE. Thanks for showing me how cute my fabrics translate into kids' clothes with Patty's uber-stylin' top pattern! (PS- these 3 are my favorite patterns of the lot, ssshhhh, I'm not supposed to play favorites)


Super cute! I bought that pattern ages ago and haven't gotten around to whipping one up yet. I need to get on it!


I adore this! Excellent work - it's really well done!


That is super cute...I wish my daughter were younger so I could do stuff like this for her (now that I'm finally learning how to!)...

j. caroline

Oh, make her wear kids clothes anyway!! What better way to create great
teen years!

Caroline Devoy

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 11:24 AM, wrote:


Love it-What a great combo!

Sam D.

I have this pattern and the fabric sitting on my sewing table. Was it true to size or if I make it a size larger than what my kid wears I will have to wait years before it will fit her? Just curious. I don't make clothes often so ...

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