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September 02, 2009



I bought some baby clothes recently made of bamboo - AMAZINGLY soft.


Heya J! LTNS.
Technically, it's possible that the felt is 100% rayon :). Either way, this looks yummy, I love those colors. Just wish I had a use for it. Does the felt look like it'd work for a coat? This designer uses polar fleece in some wild ways (she was also featured at the quilt festival in Houston, won a prize too) and I'd be likely to use this felt in similar ways.


Oh crud. None of my links posted. Let me try again. The link to the bamboo article:

The link to the designer:


Fantastic, I've been looking for a alternative to wool felt that isn't synthetic. Why isn't wool sustainable? Some believe that sheep are not treated as well as they ought to be during the farming process. The sheer amount of livestock that the planet has to support is too much, it takes resources to feed/look after livestock animals and the amount of manure/methane build up is too much for the planet to bear. Hence wool is not sustainable, albeit cows are are a bigger problem than sheep.

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