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November 03, 2009


Grandma G

Ooooohhhh.... too funny! :-D Good thing the little ones are young enough to not know the difference. Better luck next year!

Thanks for the giggle!


Ha,ha,ha! This brings back memories of my kids'Halloween costumes. While I would spend lots of time and money on sewing clothing for my children, I couldn't justify the time and expense for just one night. My sister-in-law, the perfectionist, would make elaborate costumes every year for her children. So every year my kids "shopped" for their costumes in her closet!


Oh, that is a sad little pea costume. Poor Henry. Olivia looks smashing, ARRR!


Lol, way to be flexible and innovative. Maybe Pea Pod costumes with leg holes will be all the rage next year! :)


Ha! Funny. I too had a costume failure for my 11 year old. We turned a fridge box into an iPod and made it look like a text with "TRK OR TRT SML MY FT" on it. Even used your vinyl from your shop for the face cover just like a real iPod and some bright blue pleather for the "grip."

Alas...the Halloween party was at a friend's house, which required a quick jaunt in the car.

How the hell do you get an unfolded fridge box into a car to go to a Halloween party???

You don't. Instead you get out last year's Indiana Jones clothes at 5:15pm and screech out of the driveway, late. :(

Dorothy Costume

Both of are endearing. Elder one is giving the impression of being striking.

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