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February 13, 2010



Aw, man. I'm sorry. My own business has suffered quite a bit. Hang in there. I will be checking out your sale! I'm sorry to see you are scaling back.


Sad, but completely understandable. This is a tough market and the current conditions aren't helping at all. Now it's time to go and shop your sale! :)


I want to extend my heartfelt sympathies. Just this morning, a few friends and I were sitting and chatting over coffee about what we see of the economy in our community - empty car lots, high heating bills, low selections in stuff marts, no extra holiday merchandising like the past and we have all noticed our food bills doubling. Take care of yourself and we will be loyal and around here for you. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Soul Seasoning

I shopped. I cried. (Yes, I can cry over my favorite online fabric store going away.) I do understand, though. Thank you for the sale and for letting us know. I wish wonderful new adventures for you!



Well, here's to hoping that your soft landing is soft and oh so brief. Glad to know your site will still be around, ready for your return. I've still got you bookmarked and will check in on you often.
Best of luck!



Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear that!

Grandma G

Oh, how sad. No doubt a very tough decision for you to make. I do wish you the best and hope you find just that right thing for your next new adventure!

Cheryl Jaeger

I have loved your site and your fabric offerings. I'm sad about losing your business. Best wishes to you!

Nancy Ellis

Perhaps some very good unexpected thing will result, tho' change can be very difficult. I do hope this transition will bring you many hoped-for things and will be the spark to light a huge creative explosion! On a self-centered note I am glad you are keeping the jcarolinecreative.com website alive and kicking. Thank you for letting us all know your news. All my best for your future, Nancy.


This just barks! I haven't been your best customer, but I loved every single thing I ever bought from you. I hope your soft landing lets you reach new levels of wonderful! I will be checking your sale, and keep on visiting your lovely blog!


I'm so disappointed to hear this! I can't imagine how hard this must be for you, but totally understandable. Everyone is suffering lately.

Will all your amazing ideas still be available to us? I am constantly checking back when I'm doing projects! You're my favorite site!


So sorry to hear this, but so glad you'll still be around. JCaroline is our favorite!

JSA Accessories

We are so sad to loose your site as our primary source of wonderful ribbon. With your creative abilities, the sky will be your limit!!!!


I'm very sad to hear this Caroline. It's the second fabric store closing I've read about this week. You're right on target about the economy, the media tells us the recession is over but I certainly haven't seen anything that resembles a corner turning.

I enjoy your wise and generous business writing so I'm certain you have quite a few fresh ideas up your sleeve. I totally stocked up on a big order of Jessica Jones (thank you for bringing to market her art on fabric!) Looking forward to seeing where you go next.


I am so sorry to hear this. I didn't buy as much as I wanted due to the economy and my job going away. I hope you have a soft landing and I look forward to your site coming back soon (I hope).
Best wishes and thanks for offering such a great selection!!


My sympathies -- this recession has cost me my job, so I know what you are talking about. You have displayed such ingenuity and entrepreneurial skill, however, that I have lots of faith in you. Here's wishing you all the best.


Best wishes with your transition. I'm a firm believer in one door opening when another door closes. Hope you'll share what's behind the next door with us! :)

rosie/the fabric shopper

Oh golly, what a hard decision that must have been. I am sorry to see you discontinue your fabric sales. I'm sending my most heartfelt wishes for a bright future. Life does force us to reinvent ourselves and if we embrace the change all works out for the best ((hugs)) rosie


I'm so sorry to hear this. :( Wishing you tons of luck and good vibes, woman!!! xoxoxo


I'm sorry to read this, Caroline. But I'm with Betz: when one door closes, another opens. So I look forward to what the future holds for you. :_)

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