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February 13, 2010



These are scary times. I agree with you that things are not going to get better for quite a while. Maybe never. Unless someone in power wakes up and realizes that we actually need small business and private industry, not taxes and government controls. Duh!

I got up the nerve to start an Etsy shop before Christmas last year. Not a lot, but 2 years of making things after work. NOT ONE SALE yet. Waste of time in this economy.

You keep making stuff because you like it. It is our sanity, our happiness. I'll keep making things as gifts and for me. I hold out hope that someday there will be a market for handmade items again in my lifetime!

ellen Crimi-Trent

I hear ya and know how you feel- if you read the post I did before this new one you will see how I and my business have been beyond effected by this economy. Its almost amazing that I can even get up in the morning to do work its that bad.

You have to do what you need in order to survive and the wise decision is always the right one. I recently had to give up my newspaper! Yes its that bad that I had to cancel the news! Since my business relies on retail I feel the pinch just as much as you.. I am sending much love your way and know that we can do it..

We are survivors ... ! maybe I should start singing that song, na better let Beyonce do it!


Well, sheet.

Best of luck to you, and I'll keep visiting. Hope to see you bigger and better in a few years.


Oh, I'm sad to hear this news. Last year was a very tough year for me too. I have seen a significant increase in business so far this year, so I hope you will too. Always enjoy your blog, so glad you are keeping this. I need some fabric for my dining room chairs, so off to shop. :-)

daisy janie

Late in commenting, but no less sorry to hear this news. I'm sure it was a heart-wrenching decision. Your experience and resourcefulness will always be with you...just have to figure out what to do with them! Your audience awaits...


When doors close windows open. You'll be fine, and while I will miss your fabric selection (and shop like the devil while you've got it), I know you've got to survive. Best wishes and thanks. I'll keep checking up so when the up tick happens, we can celebrate.

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life.

Sorry to hear this...everyone's hurting and it stinks. I'll do my part to empty your inventory :)


Best wishes to you Caroline. You are an inspiration, and I'm sure you'll find success in the new direction you take your business.

I, for one, fully understand where you are coming from, and I know how hard of a decision it must have been. I really wish you only the best and will continue to keep tabs on your business.

- Diane (of the former Bee Square Fabrics)


WOW suckyyy! i ordered fabric from you in the past and LOVED all your fabric choices you had available! your service was awesome! now i am back into making things and went to the site and noticed no fabric and got to looking to why this was. so sad to hear you will no longer carry fabric. totally understandable of course. just BUMMED :o(

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