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March 10, 2010






 Cicada Studio

You are too much! lol A great analysis rolled up into a perfectly droll commentary.


You are totally brill!


Agree with what you said. I hope Ana can keep doing the wonderful blog she is doing.


Very well put. Have you sent a copy to WSI?


You know what's funny? I go to the site, am totally overwhelmed by the thought of building one of those things, and head to the store to BUY it instead.

Judy Faust

Well said! I will remember this next time I see the Williams-Sonoma name on anything. Hmmm maybe they invented baskets?

Stephanie Danko

Before reading this post, I had never visited KnockOffWood...I will now add it to my favorites and pass it on to as many people as I can. I wonder if we all posted one WSI image this week if we would all receive "cease and desist" letters? Not that I would ever encourage anyone to knowingly do something "illegal"...it's just a thought. (:

Sarah Mitchell

I went over to Ana's site after your last post. What she is doing is nothing short of awesome and what amazes me even more is that she is doing it for FREE. What WSI fails to realize is that she is in fact creating more custom for them. Yes, we have the furniture plans, but Ana doesn't hesitate to tell us that the PB baskets will fit. I wouldn't spend exorbitant amounts of money on their furniture, but I might just splurge some of the money I saved by building my own on the matching, perfectly-sized baskets.


LOVE this post! Such words of wisdom, plus I think your copy ideas are fantastic (I also have no training, so what do I know?). Well said.


Good for you!!! It's always a great day in my book when the "little people" can make the "big people" uncomfortable and then make them look "like an ass" in the process!!! ;o)

Ana White

Thanks you, I feel like I have a another sister standing up for me! And by ME, I mean all of use DIYers who have an inventive spirit and are always thinking . . . I could make that. Thank you so much. Ana


Love this! Thank you! I completely agree!


FAB. and I love your disclaimer. :)


I so love you!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the last paragraph! Great post!

Amy G.

Well said, and may I add "naner-naner boo boo!" {with my tongue sticking out at Williams-Sonoma.}

Angel/TaDa! Creations

Oh you said that so beautifully! Thank you for supporting the fabulous job Ana is doing!!!


In these here parts, its called cutting off your nose to spite your face. Never been in a Pottery Barn, but I did order a catalog to see what else we common folks don't have...I do have bookcases...do I owe PB anything?
Both you and Ana rock!

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