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May 19, 2010


Grandma G

What a cutie!! Love those curls! Happy Birthday, Henry!!

But how did he get to be a whole year old already?!?!


You made towels for each kid? AWESOME.


Love, love that Banner! Love that face with a mouthful of sand. What a cutie!


so, how exactly did you attach the "1"? heat 'n' bond? i guess you'll just pull it off next year? and will a new heat'n'bonded number go right on top? maybe you can tell that i want to copy this exactly. :) hope you don't mind!

Nursing pajamas

wow! his super cute especially the last photo! ohhh..... look at that face isn't adorable.. lovely! and oh your cupcakes are awesome! looks yummy too! :D


He's so cute!! My little guy just turned 1 as well and he is into everything. Fun times.

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