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May 25, 2010



I swear I'll sew every summer and I never do (actually I do that year round)

Stacy Marie

I'm getting married in July and my big summer sewing plans are to start on my first quilt!


I have tons of plans, and I'll probably only get half of them done ... but tops is a new dress and roman blinds for my son's room.


I've definitely got plans to sew this summer. My daughter will be going to summer school, walking distance from our house! Whew hew, no more 20 minute drive both directions to get her to preschool.


pj pants as all of the kids' pants are now clam diggers. ;)


I can't wait to sew, sew, sew this summer.


Summer? It's always summer in Hawaii! But I sew year round, so it's not a factor! The summer months this yr-maybe get a start on Christmas gifts. I always say I'm going to do that, but maybe this year I actually will!


I'm a combo of 1 and 2 - I have big plans but never end up getting them done. This year I vow to live up to at least a few of those plans! I love these fabrics - so adorable, and organic to boot!


I have many many plans for summer but it ends before I even start sewing :)


1) I've got (sort of) big plans for summer sewing.


I plan on sewing a lot this summer. As soon as I get the veggie and flowers in, oh and as soon as I finish teaching my son to drive, and visit my parents, and .... I do have a few things cut out, hope that counts!


Such FUN fabric and I can't wait to hear about quilt market! ;)
I am going #1. I want to finish a quilt that I started a year or so ago and some fun summer sewing for the kiddos as well...we shall see if it all happens so maybe there is a touch of #2 as well. ;)

chatty cricket

I swear I'll sew every Summer/Fall and NEVER DO. Though, I usually manage to make at least one quilt every 18 months or so, so maybe I shouldn't say NEVER. Maybe it's more like, I have big plans and then I get sidetracked and they get pushed off. A little. Or something.

I love LOVE that sandpiper fabric. I have a baby coming who needs new crib sheets and I sort of feel like that pattern might be a MUST HAVE for his snoozing pleasure.


I usually have big plans for sewing and fall short of those expectations. I do get some sewing done but not nearly all I have planned. So I guess that makes me a #2. :)


I have BIG plans for sewing this summer! Expecting a baby in September & have so much I want to make...swaddles, blankies, burp cloths, tiny dresses (if its a girl)....the list goes on & on!


I'm #3 all the way. I have a bunch of quilts in various states of finishing, and maybe i'll actually make something for *myself* for a change.


Ooh, yay, I love Cloud 9's designs! I'm definitely a number 1: big plans for summer sewing. I'm expecting twins this fall, and I have tons of things I'd like to make for them! (Plus, I figure I better get a good sewing fix in now while I still have long blocks of free time!)

Janet Caldwell

My goal is sew big! Picked up a stash of summer top patterns for my daughter that I want to do and make lounge pants for both my kids.

Grandma G

#1 here... I always have sewing 'plans'. But I don't necessarily get them done. So maybe that makes me #2 instead? But I'll get 'some' done... I promise!! :)

Lynn Osborne

I have big plans for sewing this summer and I'm already underway. Thanks for the chance to win.

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