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June 01, 2010



i have made a few quilts and now need time to make more... kids!


I've actually made lots of quilts - finished and being used (at least I hope so).


I've made many quilts and finished one.


I've never made a real one just a fake one trying to learn how. I actually went to college with Lizzy! :)


i am a quilter, kinda. i mean i can make a quilt but nothing fancy. i have a hard time following a pattern (this applies to all patterns) so i just make it up as i go. which is what i love about quilting. need it smaller, take some blocks away, want it bigger, add more! and i use only my sewing machine. no hand quilting for me. props to those who can do it, i'm just not one of them.


I've made 3 baby quilts and I'm working on my second 3rd twin sized quilt. I've quilted them all on my home sewing machine which is just a regular cheap Kenmore! I learned how to quilt by reading blogs! I've been anticipating the City Quilts book too.


I would love to win this book! I browsed through it in a bookstore, and I want to make several of the quilts. Very stylish and modern!

I have made several quilts ... and severals UFOs ;-)


I've just signed up for a beginner's quilting class. I'm not a calico kind of person. I love these quilts! They would be amazing in my house.


oooh, i'd love to own this book! I am a self-taught quilter and am finally starting to get more confidence in my work. I'd love to tackle one of these!


Yes to making quilts! I make quits every year for our kiddos birthdays. They will one day beg me to stop making them a quilt each year but at least I know when they leave the nest they will be warm. ;) I must say that I am not the best quilt maker but I do like to pretend! Thanks for a chance to win the incredible book!!!

Steph Moon

I have only talked about making a quilt - I so want to do it! I think generally laziness and a full schedule are what have held me back - also it is more than a little intimidating. :)


I have made quite a few quilts actually. Quite a few of Cherri's. They are incredible and her instructions are terrific.


Oh, yes, have mostly made baby quilts, and a twin sized one for my daughter. Have two quilts in the plans for the summer: a new throw for the couch and one for the bed; probably too ambitious, but a girl can dream! The photos from this book are lovely, use of solids is so different from my usual approach, would love to see more of it!


Yep, I've made several quilts, tho have never quilted them myself...really want to try that soon. I'll try the fusible batt...that may be what I need to get going! LOVE the Quilts in Cherri Houses' book...hope I win, but I will be buying the book if I don't! Thanks for the giveaway.


I started quilting in '96 and love it. Of course I haven't had the time lately with a business and 2 young kids, but one day I will get back to it. The hardest was a quilt I made for my parents that I hand quilted (queen size) with very close together pattern. It took me 2 1/2 years until it was finished.


I adore cherri house and her quilts. I quilt and have made a number of them. I would be thrilled to win thise book


quilter here! and so incredibly excited for this book! i asked the local library to purchase it, but i would love to own a copy. The House family rocks!


I've been quilting since 2004 and have made dozens of quilts for charity, mostly. Some for the family, a few as gifts....actually sold one or two. *S*

I'd LOVE to have this book! It's a whole modern vibe that I'm liking.

Tina in Boston

I've made a few quilts. I have a top that still needs to be quilted and lots of fabric and ideas that I have yet to carry out! Thanks so much!

Lindsay Knitt

I've made a couple quilts and have many more in progress or in my head. I'd love to win this book - I'm sure it has some great quilt ideas for my architect-in-training brother!

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