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June 11, 2010



What a great giveaway! When making something with a new pattern, I always look over the pattern directions first, then end up sewing my way. I never really thought about it before, but I guess I do have my own "sewing style." I love patterns and ideas that push me out of my comfort zone. I would be a pretty boring sewer without all the inspiration I've discovered online.


I'm very much a pattern person. Only if I've looked at it in depth and know that a different way would be better will I stray from the pattern. That's my engineer brain talking, I suppose; and why I'll pick cross-stitch over embroidery any day!


instructions? things come with instructions? huh. i just look at things i want to create and figure out how they did it! patterns scare me and i've never been any good with them.


#3 for me...i like to have the best of both worlds...Melissa is a very clever gal, and i just loved that necklace when i saw a pic of it at marker recaps! lovely, huh? thanks for a chance at this book! i would lvoe to win.

katie r

this book looks awesome! I read through but only refer when confused or stuck, this leads to more seam ripping, than would be otherwise necessary :)


I usually go thru the instructions quickly at first to see if there is anything unusual, and then I just go about it my own way-which is sometimes quite different


I'm definitely a class 3. I modify the instructions to fit my style!

Lynn Osborne

I follow the instructions fairly closely but am never afraid to take a little detour! Thanks for the chance to win.

Grandma G

I just bought my very first fat quarter pack a couple weeks ago and have been wondering what to do with it, so this book might be just the inspiration I need!

I'm pretty much a follow-the-instructions person... unless I know a better way. ;)


I still follow instructions obsessively. I still feel so new to sewing only have done it for a year and a half or so. This looks like a fun book that would be fun to try sewing small projects. I always seem to go for really big projects each time.


Great question! I guess I usually glance at the instructions, sometimes intensively, sometimes not - then I start sewing and check the instructions if I run into a snag. Sometimes I just decide the instructions are stupid and do my own thing. ;)


I must admit I pour over the instructions and then see how I can streamline it or make it better. I like the challenge!


I usually take one look at the instruction before starting but never too close. Sometimes I get into trouble and take a second look but most of the time I am fine.

Maggie Reno

On the rare occasion that I do read the instructions I usually just skim them and then take off on my own. I still do get in trouble sometimes, but usually I don't need the instructions to tell me what I did wrong. I already know!


definately 3 with a bit bu sometimes things work better if you follow! AND read otheriwse you rip


I'm a mixture. If it's something similiar to what I've already done, I skim the direction and wing the rest on my own. If it's something completely new, I follow the directions closely.


I'm behind door #3.....I get a start just to see where it's going, and then pretty much do what I want with it, within those guidelines.


I always follow the directions lol I get nervous if I don't!


I never use patterns because they frustrate me all to hell! They usually word things in ways that my little brain can't handle so I usually just go by the pictures!

Janet Caldwell

I usually scan the instructions, then go off and do it my own way anyway. But I have learned some really good techniques from some of the new books out about sewing.

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