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June 11, 2010



I usually read the instructions quickly and then take off on my own. Several hours and many many ripped out seams later I'm back to reading the instructions....


Very much number 1. although I do sometimes alter things to suit my purpose while still trying to follow the instructions. Sometimes I find the instructions are not always the best at explaining the process or worse still - they are wrong!


Directions? What directions?? I just make up my own stuff and wing it the whole way. The one time I tried to sew something according to a pattern, it was a complete disaster!


I used to be a #2, but after losing my favorite seamripper (yes, it's sad that I had a collection of them, and a favorite)I'm more of a #3 these days.


What a great book and one I could really do with right now, I have tons of smaller pieces of fabric and am not sure what to do with them, they're too big to call scraps, but definitely not big enough for larger projects calling for 1/2yd of any one fabric or more.

My style... depends on what I'm making, I used to be an instruction follower, now I tend to look at something and figure it out my own way or make up my own patterns and instructions, the latter has been way more successful for me


I follow the instructions. I've been sewing for 35 years and I still don't trust myself to venture off.


I am definitely a follow the instructions for a while then go off on my own tangent kind of gal. I have been sewing for 50+ years, tho.


3. Follow the instructions for a bit, then take off on my own. Especially because I usually find a better way (at least to me) to get to the finished product.


I usually read the instructions unless I've done a similar pattern, then I just look at pictures.


I just bought my first sewing machine and I want to learn . I would love to win this!

Beatrix from Kindershop

I would have to say 3), however if it's a really complicated (in my mind) project, I will follow the pattern/instructions to a T, for my own protection ;)


I am definitely a mix of 2 and 3. Patterns and instructions are just suggestions. Mostly I try to create the picture that's in my mind. Often there isn't a pattern for that...


Left to myself, I tend to go with #2, but have gotten myself in trouble so much (in ways that could have been avoided, had I read the instructions first) that I am trying to be more disciplined about sticking to the guidelines-- for the first time I make something, at least. :-)


I sew by the book!! And read the instructions over and over.


looks like a fun book!

I'm type A and read instructions and generally follow them. Granted, I do tend to change things up often...but only after reading the instructions!

Kind of like cooking -- I have to read and reread a recipe SEVERAL times while cooking. Definitely not spontaneous with that!


I usually read through the instructions and maybe follow them the first time or two and then I do my own thing from then on.

Quita Miller

I am a lazy-bum sewer...I follow the basic layout of the order of how to do things, but if it involves pinning, marking or trimming, unless I forsee a huge problem I skip it! (and foresight is not my fortee)


I have been dying to get this book!!! I *must* win lol! I know, everyone else feels the same way too. Sigh....anyway, onto instructions - If it is something I already know how to do, then I won't really use the instructions. I might glance at them now and then but that's it. However, if it something new to me, I definitely read them, and refer to them often! I love instructions!


Hi there!

When making something following a pattern, I usually follow the instructions, then add 1 or 2 ideas of my own, and then voilĂ ... I come up with a more unique item.

Love the book you are giving away... and your blog as well!

Thank you!

::FibreJoy AT gmail DOT com::


I figure the directions are there for a reason so I follow them.

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