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June 11, 2010


Tina in Boston

I read the instructions. If I don't understand a particular part, I refer to a book that I might have with a similar technique. Thanks for the giveaway!


I'm like you - a combination of 1 and 3. I usually follow the instructions, but if they get too confusing, or I feel I can do it a better way, then I go with my gut and figure it out myself :).


i usually follow the instructions for a while then take off for on my own, returning when i get into trouble as is common.


Usually #3, but I'll stick to the instructions on a more complex piece. Can't wait to see Melissa's new book. I met her at her Yummy Goods store last summer and she was so sweet.


I start out following the instructions. Then once I get it all figured out - I make changes along the way to make it more mine.


follow the directions first, but add my own spin.


I sweat it out, following the directions as closely as I can...even though I don't really understand pattern speak. Eventually, when I'm done and realize I have to pull something out and begin again, I go at it on my own. While crabby, I might add.

karen l

Oh - I'm really bad. Usually fling the fabric on the table, mess around with my own cutting layout, cut (FAST before I change my mind!) and sew from the inside out.
I decided years ago that the piddling details drove me the craziest, so that's what I hit first (facings, zippers, buttonholes if possible).
I end up with a mess about half the time, but the other half of the time I'm zooming along and having a great time!

Lucy Schroepfer

Great Giveaway. I love the pics from the quilt market.

Beth Williams

Instructions??? It isn't really sewing if you haven't had to rip out a few seams along the way!


I follow the pattern and instructions fairly specifically. Sometimes, if I've made the pattern before, I'll go on my own - this always gets me into trouble!


I usually read the instructions over several times to get an idea of how everything is supposed to go together and then I customize/improvise as I go along. I love those shoelaces!

violet craft

I look at the pictures, guess what the words probably say and go for it!


I skim the instructions and then take off on my own. It's a great feeling to come up with new ways to do things on your own.


I am far from being a perfect sewer so free form is awesome for me! Being able to make a project out of a fat quarter is awesome.


I'm still learning, so I mostly follow the instructions to the letter. However, I like the zipper method my mom taught me waaaay better than the way the patterns usually say to do it, so I ignore that part.


I am mostly a three. I try to follow the instructions at least mostly the first time around but usually end up adding my own twist if the item is made again!


Often I've used instructions...sometimes they're followed, sometimes it's better to chimighanga-it [throw in some of this, that and call it a meal] :o) More fun to try to see what works best in each sitch.


I follow them until I realize I want to change the design and then I take off on my own. It usually works out okay, but a lot of swearing is involved.

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