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August 13, 2010



I'd probably use them is a soft snuggly quilt for my grandson & then buy some yardage of the owls to make matching jammies!


I thing i'd recover my carseat! :) That thing is "LOVED" :) or finally take that chance and learn how to quilt! :)


I am going to attend a baby shower for a friend in a month, and would love to turn these beautiful fabrics into adorable baby wear! Then turn the leftovers into a tiny patchwork quilt just right for the new baby to hug :)


I would make cute pajamas for my daughter in college! She would adore these fabrics.

Susan M

dresses for my little ones, they'd be soo cute!

Sarah S.

I was thinking if I bribe my sister with such lovely fabrics maybe she will make me one of the fabulous mini-quilts she's been making recently.

Rebecca S

Beautiful! #1 for sure...


ha! Probably number 2... but #1 would be the goal :)

Grandma G

Probably #2 here, also... lol But really, I'd find something to make with it. I do have a lovely little granddaughter, y'know! :)


Number one! Nothing adds to baby fever like sewing baby things!

goascoz dany

héllo j'adore moi aussi


I would whip up baby goodies.

Rosy Lady

I would love to use them to make crib bedding for my first baby due February 2011.


Number 2 for sure. It's sad but I feel bad cutting up something so gorgeous.

lesley [smidgebox]

oh, definitely some cozy fall jammie pants for my two littles. and i've got no doubt that i'll be buying some of my own for use in my upcoming line of organic baby goodies ;)


My first grandchild (boy) is due in Oct. Would love to make him some things with this fabric!!


I would probably stare at it for a bit, but I'd love to use it to make a few stroller blankets for friends having winter babies!


I'd use it for my new baby boys blanket!


I'd do all three! Seriously, there seem to be lots of new babies to sew for, so would love these gorgeous fabrics for baby quilts but I'd also love to make my daughter a big floor pouffe. Thanks for this fab giveaway.


Oh my goodness... I don't know where to start. I would definitely use it for a quilt or a baby blanket... or a beautiful diaper bag.... so many options! Love this material!

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