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August 23, 2010


Grandma G

Oh, my. *sniff*


Wahh - Louie starts kindy next week, so I feel your pain!


You think this is bad......wait til she starts college! I really think that's the worst.


Awww. So bittersweet. We have to let them grow up, even as we try to hold on.

keri beyer

sweetest picture ever. ever. so when did you have your breakdown? while she was at school or when you layed your head down on the pillow that night knowing you both made it????


It really never ends. My son graduated from college 6 years ago, moved to his own place 2 years ago (now that was trauma) and starts grad school next week ... I still feel like I should go with him to that first class to be sure everything is okay. I've drilled him with questions about the 2 classes he's taking (he'll go nights and work full-time - ouch!), and I'll still ask how the teacher is and if he's made friends. Fortunately, he's tolerant and patient with me! LOL

C Newman

Can't you hem her skirt? It looks so frumpish...so says her Tia Cynthia.


she's too cute.

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