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August 10, 2010



re: #10...Yay!


You kill me!!!


8. I'm proud to be stuck in the 2009's.

10. I've missed you.

Violet Craft

Oh how I miss you when you are away.

6. pure genius.


I have a lovely photo of us. I'm so glad you let me know you were there otherwise I never would have known or stalked you like prey in the dining hall :).

Mr. Potato Head and the play-doh are being shipped. I decided to stretch out the gift giving so I rock for at least a month :).

You are fabulous. Love ya.


Caroline, how DO you get rid of the Typepad in your blog name??? I am a Typepad user too; also stuck in 2009, apparently!


That was great - loved it!

Andrea - Indigo Blue

Some of the points that you put here had me laughing out loud! Just what I needed to gear myelf up for another week at work.

towel warmer

Nice post, I really enjoy it for someone who have never been to NY, I will one day though

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