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October 04, 2010



I'm so glad you are back. I have been missing you. Happy belated birthday. Had I known, we could have had an early birthday celebration in August when I saw you :).


Ooh, I just bought Steve Spangler's enhanced book for my iPad. My daughter wants to do every kitchen science book in there. Is fun.

Account Deleted

Welcome back!


Nice to hear from you again, we missed you! BTW - how do you do use the freezer bags for muffins? I tried it with bagels once - poor little, flat bagel!


I'm thinking I need to buy that freezer cookbook. Most days we eat crackers & meat & cheese for dinner. I'm such an awful homemaker.

I'm so glad to hear that you bought a Silhouette! I'm still very much in love with mine. They're the best. Hope you enjoy it!

Melissa Stramel

I have those cookbooks! I use them once in awhile. Sometimes it is easier to make several servings of one thing at a time and then you have some for later. I'll be at quilt market. Do you have details for Fabric 2.0? Can I come between schoolhouse and sample spree?


You are so funny! I'm glad I haven't missed much.

HVAC contractors

That is a really nice cutter. I had to laugh when you said you only cook on alcohol and prescription meds. Your dinner must be to die for.

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