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February 25, 2011



I was given a pair of boots as a small child and they were GREAT! Sadly that was my first and last pair until about a year ago. Yipppeee! I wear my boots pretty regularly these days! ;)

Grandma G

I won't argue with you about that prettiest cowgirl... they don't come any cuter than that! (But there's still that other matter. ;) )

Believe it or not, I DO have a pair of cowboy boots! Okay, so they're 40+ years old and haven't been worn for a good many years. But I used to ride a horse in them! They've also done a lot gardening and other chores in their time. :)


I did have a pair of cowboy boots. I wore them a lot.


I don't own any cowboy boots but I think it would be fun to have a good pair of them. thank you for the chance to win a copy of this great book!

Suzy McQ

Yep, same thing, once a year I wear my black ones with red designs! I Yeeeee haw!


Funny, I was just thinking about cowgirl boots the other day. I have never owned a pair :-( , but love, love, love country music & was thinking I should buy a pair so I can try some line dancing!


Yes, I have owned a pair or two of cowboy boots. My favorite pair were the red lace-ups. Funny though...I wore them when I lived in Arizona and not while living in Dallas! Now that I live in Northern California (yes, I have moved a lot), rain boots seem to be in order!


First pair in Houston also, hardly have an occasion to wear them, but would love an occasion...



Are Canadians accepted in this giveaway? I take a chance! As for the boots, I have never owned a pair but I am sure it fells great to wear cowboy boots! I might try that someday!!


I've never owned cowboy boots, but I wish I did!

Wendy P

I've always wanted cowboy boots. The good ones are so expensive! I'd wear them all winter if I had some. I think they are adorable with skirts, which I would make from the book if I won it!


Yes! My hubby bought me mine 8 years ago when we moved to Dallas. I wear mine with jeans just for fun...

Francis C. Moore

I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots. My 6 year old granddaughter, Olivia, would look cute in that pink hat and belt.


I owned a brown pair in my twenties, very casual and I used to wear them when I went on summer dates with my honey. I don't seem to remember what happened to them but you know, I might need a new pair now!


She is adorable!! Being from OK and loving pink, I want the hat, boots and belt. The book would be just an added bonus!!


no cowboy boots here. city girl...with bunions actually who prefers very comfortable shoes. thanks for a chance!

Sara Upshaw

I would love a signed copy! wow! I was going to buy the book anyway. It would be much cooler to win this one.
I have never, to my knowledge, owned a pair of cowboy boots. I keep hearing they are the most comfortable things, but I guess I just don't believe it.


I actually have 2 pair but haven't worn them in ages. I last wore them to a country music festival that you camp out at during the summer but that was before kids and marriage. I wonder if they even fit anymore. However I can't bear to throw them--does that make me a hoarder? :) Looks like a fabulous book!


I had a pair of red Justins that I wore with pride to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Loved them!

So looking forward to Go Texan day-- celebrating March 2 here in Baton Rouge with supper at Ninfa's. Looking forward to a nice salty margarita! ;-)


I had numerous pairs growing up - of course it was due to the fact I spent my summers riding horses. No boots recently though. She looks adorable!

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