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January 06, 2012


Grandma G

Well, if you even do get back here on Monday, it'll be with excuses! ;) Okay... just kidding... I'm really hoping I'm wrong, because your new site sounds cool! Can't wait to see it!

Now get crackin' on those Missions!

j. caroline

Ow. That kind of hurt, Grandma G. But it is deserved! I'll show you....

lindsay b

Alt!! Upholstery Class!! I'll be there! Can't wait :)

Timber Joinery

Hahaha! Were on the same track in doing missions for this year. Your kids had a great time spending with their granddad's creek and they look cute in that picture. By the way good luck to your missions and me too, hope we can do it. :)

short basket

Hallo, Ik vind je pagina. Ik ben blij dat Yahoo wees mij aan. Ik was in staat om de know-how was ik zo slecht op zoek naar dag now.Thank u hartelijk voor uw echt goede webpagina. Heb een goede dag.

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