I need help with cording. I love they way it looks on furniture upholstery (and would love to get to that point some day!) but I'm struggling with adding it to a purse (Amy Butler Weekender bag). Maybe I didn't buy the right cotton cord, but it just smushes and doesn't keep a nice round shape. On top of that, when I try to sew it in using my zipper foot, because it gets flattened out, it's had to know if I'm sewing close enough...or too close!

Any advice would be much appreciated!



Ooh! Sorry, a little addition. I bought plain cord and cut fabric strip on the bias to cover it (that part was ok). It the part of actually adding it to the bag that I'm struggling with.



I would like to make a naproll for my girls. Any patterns or tutorials you know of? I thought of creating my own, but it might help to see what others did.


I would like to know some techniques for making purse/bag handles. I can never seem to find what I am looking for and would like to use webbing or fabric for a matching handle.


Kimberley Carlson

I'd like to know how to sew a cushion cover. Not just a pillow, but an actual cushion cover, where you have HxWxD and maybe even a zipper! I know you show a re-covered cushion in one of your chair tutorials, but it doesn't really tell ya how to do it!
: )
I have this basic IKEA couch... Simple frame with 3 seat cushions and 3 back cushions, and I would LOVE to cover it!

Pat Bromer

Thank you very much for your pattern of the Hobo Purse.I would like to make my second one larger and would like to know if I should enlarge all the pattern pieces? Also, I am not quite sure how to cut out the foam and how to attach it. I'm pretty new at this type of project, although I have sewn for many years. Thank you for your help.
P.S. Lovely pictures of your little girl!!


Hello! I'm wondering how to get wrinkles out of fabric with texture (specifically minky dot fabric). I made a pacifier holder with the minky dot on the back side and was ironing the front side. It didn't even occur to me that the heat and steam would flatten out the dots on the back! Thanks! I love your site!

Leslie Watson

I was at a craft show today saw saw ribbon necklaces and would like to make them. The ribbon was 1/8" wide or smaller and many strands were on the necklace. They were beautiful and I thought for sure J Caroline would have the narrow ribbon and am so disappointed. Please let me know IF you will ever carry it.


I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to make a simple tutu for little girls. I bought one from an online store the other day and it looks pretty simple but I wanted to know if anyone had simple instructions before I started cutting and sewing. :-)


I'd love a tutorial or a step by step sequence of how to recover/reupholster a couch or large chair. A la what you did for Anna Maria. So gorgeous!


Happy Winter !
Last summer I bought a gorgeous 1960's chair at an auction. I want to reupholster it so badly for my daughters room. I've never done any of this before. Can you give some tips? Or possibly steer me in the right direction as to which book might be of the most help?

Leslie Doughty

Hi JCaroline - I am starting on a curtain project. I think it would be helpful to new & revived seamstresses (like myself) to know the rule of thumb for how wide to make each panel. For instance, my window is 52" square. Do I need to double that or is there another width you'd suggest? Thanks for your help, Leslie

Kim Walter

I am having trouble sewing pants for my 3year old how should I measure accordingly to make sure the pants are going to fit. It is driving me crazy.



I have a question about something other than sewing. I would like to know, since you deal with fabric manufacturers, which companies accept design submissions for fabrics? Any scoop on who is good to approach?

Peggy Wilson

I would like to know where to buy neoprene and how to make (sew) a koozie holder. Thanks!


As I have come to this site for many crafty how-to ideas..... any thoughts on how to make a "drum" pendant light with some of your fabulous fabrics? they are so expensive to buy and i would like to try and make one but i'm not sure quiet how to go about it- i thin it would be a great addition to the "how to" section of the site!

Karen Simons

I would love to have the specs for the table your husband built (if they are available) because I am interested in having my husband build one for me. Please let me know. Thanks, Karen


Tutorial on how to make a slipcover for basic furnature..couch/loveseat and chair/otoman?

peggy kee

What is the best way to hem drapes that are pleated and sewn 3 widths together? It sure makes for a lot of fabric to have to work with and to move around.

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